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Want to finally feel confident within yourself, be connected to your worthiness and have more energy to follow your passions?


I’m Suzanne Burton

My specialty is helping you connect with your innerself

So that you can overcome emotional and energetic blocks, get your sexy confidence back and create a soulful life – all without joining a hippie commune, having to give up your career or give up your coffee & wine 😉

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Client Reviews

Linda K

“Suzanne’s professional approach and techniques in assisting me to deal with personal past issues, meant that my first experience was a comfortable and rewarding one. With her guidance, I am becoming more aware of my thought patterns, triggers and various techniques to overcome issues as they arise”

Lauren C

“My experience with Suzanne was amazing! She is professional, patient and calm. The journey was certainly eye opening. After one session with her and listening to the audio daily, I have noticed a big change in my life. Highly recommend!”

Coedie M

“I definitely recommend Suzanne. Her ability to understand and guide me through controlling my stress levels has brought me peace, which other therapists have failed to accomplish. I cannot thank her enough”


How I overcame my limiting beliefs

I was confident and had achieved success.

I have the loving husband, the career, the home…

but knew there was a piece missing.

That piece was my soul being lit up and allowing it to lead the way.

After turning inwards, using self reflection and soul aligning hypnosis…

I am now ready to back myself, make wise decisions and to create more space in life for soul connection and soul studies.

I use techniques with my clients that are easy, practical and gets results.

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