My first ever blog post.  Here I go!

I decided to start this blog because I wanted to be a “pro” at something and then I realised Who am I kidding?! I’m the biggest rookie out there and I’m certainly a rookie at life.  Let’s just say I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first time my soul has come on this Earth, and I feel like the ‘angels’,‘spirit guides’, or whatever that is looking into this realm is watching me and saying with a clipboard in hand *sigh* “Soul 41665 is stuffing up their mission again.  She’ll be going back to earth for round 3 million until she gets it right”.

Well, apart from the usual mediocrity I have actual accomplished/ done quite a few things this year so far.

Of course being the planner that I am I had quite a few goals I wanted to achieve this year and I was super excited about this year since it’s Year of the Dog (In Chinese Zodiac) and I’m Year of The Rabbit and apparently they’re meant to be friends or something and I’m supposed to ride the wave of the Year of The Dog and have an awesome year as well! 

Let’s just say…this year has taught me to throw all my plans out the window because the Universe has other things in line for me.


It’s all great to have a positive mindset when things are going great, but when things take a turn you really need to turn it up a notch (let’s make that a few notches).  Not only that but I had to remain focused on doing my inner work for my outer world to fall into place. No, I didn’t stay on track the whole year and Yes, things did come crumbling down when I didn’t.  But thankfully, I have a supportive network of family and friends.


Handstands: Being able to have the confidence to get off the wall and do a handstand in the middle of a room and to be able to hold it for at least a few seconds.  It’s not where I’d like to be and there is certainly a lot more training I’ll be doing to improve this.

Stamina improvement:  Teaching Hot Yoga just about every day except for Sunday (where I participate in a class as a student).  Gained massive improvement in stamina,especially from teaching Hot Power (A cardio and strength intensive Hot Yoga class). 

House Change:  Moved in with the In Laws to save more whilst the business gets up and running.  I’m so blessed to the opportunity to do this so that we can chase our goals without having a heavy financial rain cloud hanging over our heads.  We later hope to move back into our own home in a year or so.

Finances:  Met with a Financial Advisor at Commbank.  Created a financial plan.  Making regular repayments to decrease debt.Only 20 years to go until it’s gone! Hahahha but it’s going to feel fantastic once it’s done!

Saving:  Setting aside some dollars and building up our “Emergency Fund”.  So far so good.

Meditation:  Started a daily meditation practice.  At least 15 minutes each day.  Some days I’ve meditated three times because it’s super fun!  I learn so much from meditating and it’s certainly something I will continue to do regularly.

Minimalism(ish):  I didn’t intend to live a minimalist life but when you only have a bedroom to live in, it certainly helps!  Most minimalist will most likely scoff at my take of a minimalist life, but I’ve certainly reduced the number of things I think I need so therefore it’s minimal for me. I’m much happier having less“things” to worry about.

Taking action:  I’ve been keeping myself busy by doing things to help improve my business as well as my inner self.  I’ve taken a couple of courses and workshops as well as “reading with action” (when you not only read a book and put it down, but chose a few things to implement into your life)

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This about sums me up: Reading is a guilty pleasure. Self awareness is a pleasant journey. Meditation is an obsession. Fitness is a necessity. Success is a constant motivator. Family is sacred. Learning is forever.

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