I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying writing blog posts!  I never realised I had so much to write about.  I won’t try to explain myself too much, however here  is the basis of why ‘Rookie Life’ was the name I chose for this blog.

As with most bloggers, their aim is to shoot for the stars,have over 5000 subscribers to their blog and be able to live off the income it generates. 

The more I researched into it,the more my confidence and expectations of living ‘the bloglife’ dwindled.  I allowed my hopes and dreams to turn to ash and be blown away by the evening breeze.

However something still remained in me that wanted to write and simply express myself even though I’ve never studied journalism, my writing is extremely childish and I don’t have the instagram bloglife to go along with it.

Hence why I chose ‘RookieLife’, because I’m a Rookie in all of my interests and especially at Life in general.  I have no desires to become an expert in any of my interests and  I simply like to do certain activities as it brings me joy.  Yes I’m qualified in a few things, however even that doesn’t mean I’m an expert. Yes, I may know more than the person sitting next to me however that still doesn’t make me an expert either.  And I’m okay with that.

This is simply a place for me to share what I learn along the journey called Life.

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This about sums me up: Reading is a guilty pleasure. Self awareness is a pleasant journey. Meditation is an obsession. Fitness is a necessity. Success is a constant motivator. Family is sacred. Learning is forever.

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