I’ve found that wanting to do a lot of things in one day as well as everything on my ‘to do list’ can become overwhelming at times.  For many years I’ve used this type of thinking and it’s helped me, so I thought I would share it with you.  It may seem a bit weird, however welcome to Suzie’s mind! Hahahha

Each day I have three things I do on rotation: 

  1. Chores
  2. Me
  3. Business

Those are three categories I’ve chosen to focus on at this stage of my life.  I will do one thing from those categories in between tasks that I have scheduled for the day. Eg. Work, teaching, running errands etc.  The more ‘rounds’ I do of these categories, then the more I get done, however I don’t put pressure on myself to do a certain amount of ‘rounds’ as each day brings a different schedule for me.

Okay, I hope you’re staying with me.  Now, let me explain each category:


Now that I’m living at my in laws I actually don’t have as many household chores as they have a cleaner that comes in once a week (I know!  I’m super lucky!)  So some of the chores would be:

  • Feed the dogs
  • Take dogs for a walk
  • Clean our room
  • Do the laundry
  • Do the dishes


I love this category!  This is where I get to purely focus on Numero Uno.  Keep in mind, I don’t do all of the below each day, it’s just what I lump into this category.

  • Meditate & journal
  • Yoga
  • Read
  • Courses (I’m usually doing an online course of some sort)
  • 20 minutes of sunshine
  • Gratitude journal
  • Blog


Of course, every day I’m doing daily tasks for my business, however at times I’ll spend extra time on the certain things:

  • Review reporting
  • Respond to emails
  • Any action items from meetings
  • Marketing ideas

If you want to apply this into your daily routine you don’t need to have the same categories as mine.  I would suggest not having too many categories as that may become hectic.  Most days I do at least 3 ‘rounds’ of these categories and I’m quite happy with that : )

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