“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.  The secret of your success is found in your daily routine”

– John C Maxwell

How many times have we told ourselves “I’m overweight because of my genes”, “I have high blood pressure because it runs in my family” or “I can’t help having a temper, it’s in my genes”.  

Genes are commonly known to create health issues for individuals such as heart disease, female hormone issues and metabolism issues just to name a few.  However, in the book ‘Dirty Genes’ by Dr Ben Lynch he explains how we can modify some genes to treat the root cause of illness and enhance our health.  So basically; just because your family is prone to anger issues, anxiety or heart issues; doesn’t mean that you will too. If you follow his “Clean Genes” protocol to improve your lifestyle it will help you ‘clean up’ your genes to reduce stress on your body, reduce inflammation and increase your energy levels.

We’ve all got some genes that needs some more attention and in this book, you will come to easily understand more about yourself, why your body does certain things and how you can get your health back on track.  I never thought I’d understand a single thing about ‘epigenetics’, however this book makes it easy to understand!

So how do you ‘clean up’ your genes?

  1. Obviously – read the book.  It mostly talks about the ‘Super Seven Genes’.  I think humans have a hundred thousand genes however the focus on just these 7 genes is to keep things simple and foundational.  The Super Seven are known to break down chemicals that come into your body, affects mood or energy levels and makes you less vulnerable to allergy symptoms or food intolerances.  When encountering each gene, you’ll soon realise which gene of yours is most likely ‘dirty’ and will need to be focused on.  The first few pages can be quite overwhelming with all the acronyms and ‘big words’ however just keep reading, as it all very quickly starts to make sense.
  2. Motivate yourself.  A lot of what is in the book will require a lifestyle change and making yourself accountable and committed to see results.  Some changes could be very rapid by simply eliminating certain things from your house and/or body.  Other changes will take time, until genes are cleaned.  However, the key is to maintain a ‘Clean Genes Protocol’ to make sure your body is getting a diet full of nutrients, the right amount of exercise, decent sleep, avoidance of chemicals and stress reduction.
  3. Baby steps.  Part of the ‘Clean Genes Protocol’ is to have a deep two week cleanse to have a base line to work from.  If you find that doing the two week cleanse is too hard, then take baby steps.  It just means that you will take longer to get your body where it needs to be, however if you’re taking continuous steps in the right direction there will still be progression and goals will be achieved.

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