‘Reading forces you to be quiet in a World that no longer makes place for that” –John Green

It’s such a thrill to start a new book and know that I’ll be having a new experience or learning something I didn’t know before.  Of course, finding the time to read can be a struggle however if reading brings you great joy – then you’ll find the time to do it. 

  1.  Get Amongst It

If you’re feeling out of touch of what books there are to read or looking for inspiration –  subscribe to a mailing list such as QBD, Booktopia or Book Depository so that you’re staying up to date with the latest books.  Also, find some old goodies that you may have heard of but never read before.  A great way to keep track of books you want to read is the app ‘Goodreads’.  You can:

  • Set a Reading Challenge for the year,
  • Start a list of books you want to read,
  • Keep a list of books that you have read and,  
  • Receive updates on books that have been released or is currently popular.

2. There Are Options Besides Reading

In 2017 I used Audible for the first time and have been using it since.  I will often be reading a book and listening to another book via Audible.  When I am reading/ listening I like to alternate between Fiction and Non-Fiction to keep things interesting.  I tend to read before bed, rather than listening to Audio Books since listening to books will make me fall asleep! 

I listen to Audio Books when driving in my car or on the bus.  By listening to Audio Books, it will increase the number of books that you read.  There’s also ebooks.  I use my library’s app and borrow e books from there.  Ebooks make it much easier to read while eating or at a desk etc.

3. What is Your Goal?

Last year I set myself a Reading Challenge on the Goodreads app to read 45 books in one year.  I did achieve that goal.  However, there are people out there that read hundreds of books in one year!!  So, set yourself a challenge as it will be another motivating factor.  Also, talk with others about the books you’re reading, and you may find that you have similar interests or perhaps you will inspire others to do some more reading themselves!

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This about sums me up: Reading is a guilty pleasure. Self awareness is a pleasant journey. Meditation is an obsession. Fitness is a necessity. Success is a constant motivator. Family is sacred. Learning is forever.

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