“You can change your brain just by thinking differently” – Dr Joe Dispenza

I went to Dr Joe Dispenza’s workshop in Melbourne last year, the line up for his one day workshop kept zig zagging around the bend at the Melbourne Convention Centre: an incredible sight to see; women and men of all ages and there to improve themselves.  I was excited.

Dr Joe is not alone in his quest to raise awareness around the power of your mind, however he is truly someone inspiring in the way he gets his message across and his concepts.  I made sure to arrive early and managed to score a seat towards the front.  I was hanging off his every word and left the event buzzing and wanting to know more.  I went back into my hotel room and shared my notes with my mum who also listened intently

I know it isn’t always easy to attend cool events like this, but it truly is a must see.  He is a lecturer and author and is passionate about helping people recondition their bodies and rewire their brains.

Here are three things you can start doing:

  • Change your thought patterns. If you’re thinking the same thoughts as of yesterday, your life will remain the same.  Start changing your thoughts as though you’re the better version of yourself.  Change your personality to reflect that and leave past emotions in the past
  • Change your habits.  If you’re repeating the same things every single day, then you need to get rid of the autopilot habits and bring yourself to the present moment.  To change your habits, you need to be greater than your environment such as the people that surround you who don’t help your cause.
  • Stop the negativity.  Stop the complaining, blaming and jealousy.  Focus on the ‘now’ and what you can do in the ‘now’.  Write down the choices you would have to make to create your future.

To keep up to date with his events visit:

I’ve recently finished doing his online progressive workshop in preparation to hopefully attend his Week Long Retreat in 2020.

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