When I was looking for a new business diary last year I really had to shop around as I wanted it to be perfect to suit my busy life and actual assist me in getting things done.  I purchased a simple diary to make do for JAN – FEB then FINALLY decided on a Daily Greatness Business Journal in March and  I am so glad I did!

All of it is perfect.  I went with the dated option and at the start of the journal there is quite a few strategy worksheets to help set up your year, a business vision planner and a one page business planner so that you can easily refer to it.  And whilst the first few days took a bit of adjusting to regarding how I organise my day, it’s now advanced my weekly tasks immensely!  I’m getting a lot more done as I can see what needs to be completed in a clear layout, there’s daily journal prompts (short answer ones) and overall weekly goals.

How to get the most out of this planner?

  1. Set some time aside.  Each Sunday is now my ‘Strategy Sundays’.  If I take 1 – 2 hours on a Sunday to reflect on the previous week, plan what needs to be done for the following week and assess any wins, then it means I’m going to be stressing a lot less through the following week.  I look forward to Strategy Sundays and simply taking that time out to get my head in the right space.
  2. Create your yearly plan.  So that each week you are working towards one of your business goals, make sure you take the time to do things such as your business plan, your vision and set some goals.  You will feel more accomplished and make you feel great as you can see things slowly come together and reach milestones.
  3. Take on board the tips.  There are several pages with motivational wisdom as well as 90-day challenges.  There is even space for self-reflection.  Make it a priority to apply those tips into your week and implement changes within your business.  This is another reason why owning this planner will help lead you to success.

I think this Business journal will keep the good times rolling with all that it has to help me!

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