Our lives are jam packed with extrinsically valued activities.  And the result of this ends up with us being distracted and disconnected from our inner self as well as the present moment.  We are also falling short whenever it comes to commitments because we think that we have ‘too much’ on or we start to make other things a priority rather than focusing on taking care of ourselves

So what does Conversations with God (CwG) have anything to do with this?  Well I found that the lessons learnt from CwG 1, 2 and 3 had some beautiful insights that made things seem so much clearer for me and allowed me to simplify my life simply by the way I perceived things.

Here’s what I mean:

  • Be truly grateful of what is there (and not there) by simply having faith.  Make time for what is really important – giving thanks for the relationships we have, our meaningful work, the bodies we’ve been given – everything really! Understand that making requests to God in itself is not necessary, but rather give statement of gratitude for what is so.
  • The current way countries are run is so silly and not aligned to our Inner Beings.  We would have more safety, freedom and peace if countries united (truly united).  As I’m not a politician, all I can say on this is to make time for integrating spiritual truths into your everyday life, this will create less conflict with the people we interact with daily as we would be led to make more decisions with compassion.  People of power will then have a greater need for humanitarian purposes, rather than making decisions based on costs.
  • God/ Universe/ Our Soul is always with us and we can always go within to our internal wisdom to find answers.  The present moment is our greatest gift.  Chose to experience the ‘Now’.  Cut back on mental clutter – take a moment to stop, go within and seek the true guidance you need.  Life is a process by which all is created by us. 

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