I’d like to jump right into one of the best lesson I’ve learnt this past few months.  As a Goodreads user I had been keeping a list of books I wanted to read, and the next book on my list to read was Lost Connections by Johann Hari.  I found it confronting that I had added that book to my ‘wish list’ a year ago and it had taken me that long to eventually read it!  And it is an awesome book, with so much insight! It made me realise that I had been adding books to my wish list to read, but not making a big attempt to get through them and I was missing out on progressing my self interests. 

I sat down and realised that I had been waiting to do a lot of things, not just reading.

I felt dismayed by the mountain of things that I’ve been waiting to do, and yet not implementing any actions or plans to implement them.  To be honest, I was disappointed.

I decided to take everything I had been ‘waiting’ to do, into things that I was going to do this year and implement a plan for things I couldn’t do this year.  So at this point, I stopped doing the things that kept me procrastinating or distracted from what I aim to achieve.  I started to reconnect with the ‘how’ I was going to progress, rather than continuously dreaming about ‘what’ I was going to do.   

I think that a lot of us live much of our lives waiting…  Perhaps  take some time out to reflect and see what goals you can restore by placing actions in place. 

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