For me, mornings are a time for meditation and reflection.  One of the methods I enjoy using is visualisation.  I truly enjoy being able to call up particular visions and focusing on creating a scenario in my mind’s eye.  I’ve also been getting good at adding feelings that intensify the moment and helps cement that vision.  It’s amazing how tapping into a sense of achievement, freedom and gratitude can change a person’s entire demeanour.  I find that it sets me up for my day and throughout the day I tend to go back to how I felt in that moment.

The best inspiration you can get is from yourself!  Try it out:  Imagine yourself completing a goal that you may have. 

What actions did you have to take? What can you see around you? How do you comport yourself in this moment? How does it make you feel?  Can you sense immense gratitude?

No matter what is happening throughout your day, you can always use a visualisation technique.  It will help you take actionable steps towards your goal.  It’s not simply the matter of will power.  It’s using the combined efforts of your mind and your body to achieve what you desire.  Whether it be to connect with certain mentors around the world.  Or to simply love what you do.  Or maybe to have more time to connect with the Divine. 

Whatever your intention, use your creativity and imagination to set yourself up for success.  Remember everyone’s goals are unique to themselves and the reality of achieving that goal will be different to the person next to you.  For example, many people have the goal of ‘Being healthy’, however what that means for one person is totally different to another.  So use your imagination to create what ‘healthy’ looks likes for you.  Does it mean; training at the gym nine times a week? Or does it mean; being able to look at yourself in the mirror and love what you see?  Or perhaps it might mean; effortlessly creating healthy meals.  It’s different for everyone.

Practice visualisation every day and notice how good things come your way, you begin to see more beauty within the world and you also get excited about what the day can bring!

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