I’m sure all of us have danced with free expression and absolutely no care in the world at some point during our childhood.  Feeling pure joy, freedom and self-confidence.  Knowing that there was no way you could do anything ‘wrong’, but simply ‘be’.  At that moment, there was a soul connection and soul was coming to the forefront our lives.

This my friends, is ‘Intuitive Dancing’.  I was lucky enough to experience an intuitive dancing class with Life Coach Joanne.  Here is why I did it and why I will invest in doing more of this:

  • To change my inner world with my body just by feeling better and diminishing any feelings of awkwardness or lack of confidence
  • Using my body to express myself and certain feelings to raise my vibrations
  • To cut through any emotions such as anger (It’s great dancing to anger!  Forget the punching bag – just dance!)
  • Profound connection with self, followed by a peacefulness and ‘knowing’
  • Creating an environment where it’s okay to express yourself without judgement
  • Conditioning the mind to lean into higher vibrational emotions and deeply connect with that emotion

If you want to connect your mind, body and soul – then this is a must!  Having never done this before, Joanne really eased us into tapping into our emotions, showing us a variety of ways to express it (without feeling like weirdos) and also creating a routine that was very flexible in how we could portray certain movements and freely express ourselves.

Being able to feel emotions and see it come out in dance is also a very beautiful thing.  Just accepting what flows, believing in yourself and surrendering your body to your soul’s expression.  This process helped calm me and give me further clarity – which is kind of weird in itself – but it did!  And the moment you start feeling better and things become more clear, more good things are able to flow to you and also allows you to create, speak and act from a place of love and peacefulness – which is always a win right?!

Let me put it simply, dancing = soul connection

Change your state of being and tap into that soul energy – think, feel and act in the present moment – expect the unexpected and something new and unique to flow through you.  Try it out!

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