In today’s blog post I want to talk about working as a collective and I want to focus on a particular event I went to called ‘Together We Rise’.  We know that change requires action, courage, energy and effort, but having a whole community behind you makes change a lot easier!

Before I go into this further, I will let you know the basis of the event and how it came about.  A woman – Mandy Maree –  on her soul journey attended a retreat called ‘Embodiment’ and there she came to the realisation that she wanted to raise $20k to help build a library in Tanzania.  Her mentors Abergale and Jared said that they were going to help make that a reality, and they did!  They put their individual goals aside and collaborated with other leaders on the Gold Coast to create an event where people could come and connect on a social as well as soul level.  They weren’t prepared on how much support they would receive from the community and was overwhelmed with how everyone came together.

The day was filled with soul centred activities such as a Cacao Ceremony, eye gazing, African dancing, massive raffle giveaways (some as big as $6k worth!) and intense love with over 150 people.  It’s a day I will always remember.  The energy in the room was something I’ve never experienced before.  At one stage I was close to fainting!  Not sure why – but I’m going to say it was a ‘love overload’ 😉

Mandy managed to hit her $20k goal and went to Africa to build a library for kids there!  It was so amazing to be so closely connected to this charity fundraiser and knowing that I had made a difference and also knowing where our money went.  We received updates on the library progression, the kids of the school sent a big thank you video to us and the teachers expressed how grateful they were. 

By starting with a simple wish and a simple dream, she managed to make it a reality by the support and help of a soul centred community.  Think about what would happen if we had an even bigger goal and an even bigger community to help us create it. 

The same event (but on steroids) is happening in April.  It’s called ‘Together We Rise 2.0’.  Maybe you want to create a contribution or perhaps collaborate with these awesome human beings.  In April we’re servicing and raising funds for Australia and the millions of acres affected by fires.  What’s the goal?

  • 1000 people coming together on the Gold Coast
  • Raising $100 000 to contribute

Well, some may say that’s a massive goal.  For us, it’s totally do-able!  Start saving guys, because if you want to be part of saving mama earth and the lungs of this planet AND have fun whilst doing it – then you need to be at this event.  Fly in if you’re from overseas.  Drive up or down if you’re interstate.  You need to be at this event and be part of this amazing community to create something special.

Here is where your contribution comes into play.  Who is in this with me?!

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