In October last year, I had distance Reiki done.  Normally, Reiki is done one on one, however if your Reiki practitioner has been trained, they can also do distance Reiki.  What makes distance reiki so interesting is that the practitioner is able to send healing energy across time and space – which is pretty cool!

Take a moment to really think about that.

In 2018, I had one on one reiki after reading up about it and wanting to experience it for myself.  Mostly, I just felt relaxed (as you do, when lying down) – so I wasn’t really convinced about the whole ‘energy healing’ thing.

However, I thought I’d give it another go by another practitioner (Rebecca) and this time I did distant reiki and the results were very different.

Reiki is one of those practices that appear to be very ‘woo woo’, and doesn’t work the same way as a massage or any other treatments – this works directly with the energy of your body since realistically we’re all energy matter and part of a larger whole.  The practitioner directs reiki energy to a person by directing their thoughts and energy.  By setting up a time, it means that the recipient is also open to receiving the energy. 

For my session I could actually feel the energy ascending up my energy chakras, by way of heat and just a weird feeling.  I also felt like I was floating (I wasn’t though – obviously….)

There was also a direct feeling to relaxation, feeling at peace, happiness and empowered.

I think the reiki principles are very similar to prayer.  For example, if you’re praying for someone or something you tend to direct your thoughts and energy to that source to create a safety net, send a feeling of gratitude or perhaps even send yourself some forgiveness.  From the experience new emotions and feelings rise to the surface and alter your being.  By tapping into your energy and having energy clearing sessions it can help enhance your life. Have you done Reiki?  What was your experience like?

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