In many ways, we all have challenges in life and have to make defining choices.  Society often thinks that we should have a polished life plan and make daily decisions and actions to achieve our goals.  Typically though, the average person is unable to constantly work towards their goals and will often lose connection with their ‘winning formula’ as life often has a way of throwing us off course.

Decisions at times seem to be a win/lose scenario rather than win/win.  However, for a person who has a bit of humour and soul connection, we see that we are simply human, we have faults and are here to have a human experience and that human experience is mixed with having a winning formula, achievements, attention from those we want as well as challenges, pitfalls and failures.  For those who are always chasing after success, this can seem contrary to their needs, wants and beliefs.  Even for your family members, partners, friends, colleagues – knowing what you’re doing next in life is quite important.  The reality though, is that majority of us are clueless about our next step in life and that’s absolutely okay!  Because there’s nothing more magical than experiencing the unknown.  Something greater than what our mind could have ever imagined.

I mean seriously – if you all take a moment to look back to 10 years ago – would your mind have been able to imagine what you were capable of achieving and completing?!

A series of unknown events will always occur in life, no matter whether you know where you’re going or not.  Life has a way of throwing everything all up in the air, ruining all of your precisely laid out plans and forcing us down a different path.

This has happened to me quite often in the past few years, and I’ve been grateful for those challenges when looking at things in retrospect.  When the mind starts to rationalise that “I’ve worked so hard for this”, “I’ve invested so much money”, “What will people think!”, I know that my soul is in the background being absolutely chill and excited about the new adventure.  The thing is, when you start ‘devolving’ from these ‘path changers’ that the Universe throws you, that’s when things can go off track.  Instead, I chose to lean into the chaos and see where the Universe leads you.

So many people have lost their authenticity, by trying to force a path that no longer exists.  Listen to where your soul is leading you, even though it goes against your rational mind’s intentions.  See where you end up!

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This about sums me up: Reading is a guilty pleasure. Self awareness is a pleasant journey. Meditation is an obsession. Fitness is a necessity. Success is a constant motivator. Family is sacred. Learning is forever.

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