Have you ever wondered why, despite our best efforts, we have so much fear and cynicism about life after death – the possibility of being judged or punished?

While we often think of this as a learned behaviour from religious beliefs, law enforcement or perhaps parental influence the new age book Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton points to an ultimate source of divine authority playing a role, suggesting they are wise beings with great compassion for humans.  He uncovers that they are very patient with our mistakes and failures and passes on the information that we are given multiple ‘second chances’ in future lives on Earth.  In this case, when another life is lived, you won’t be having to repay any ‘karmic debt’ per say based on your past mistakes or failures, but rather having subsequent lessons when coming to Earth that we ourselves have chosen for further spiritual growth. 

The book provides a compelling image that a Soul meets with this council of Elders usually twice.  Once, after a life on Earth has ended and secondly, just before you go back to Earth. What happens at the first council is usually a recount of some major choices that were made in the life just lived and they are reviewed.  In the second council meeting we are told of potential major life choices and opportunities.  The concept of the meeting is not to judge the Souls or receive punishments for our ‘sins’ but rather to help us better achieve our goals in the next lifetime.  However, just because the Elders are like encouraging teachers doesn’t mean that we’re not our own worst critics.  The council hearing usually ends up making souls feel welcome and at ease.  The result is that feelings are discussed about past life actions and desirable actions for future lives. 

So if you know that you’re going to be meeting a council after death, why not keep a journal and do a nightly review of what you did throughout your day, how you’re feeling about your choices, what new opportunities could be possible for you tomorrow and what actions you plan on taking upon waking.

This is your legacy.  What is your soul calling you to do?

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