You can access your inner wisdom by displaying gratitude and appreciation towards others, yourself or your current situation, it will make you feel joyful and bring you into alignment with your soul and a higher vibration.  Practicing gratitude is well known for it’s positive side effects.  Your time in this lifetime is limited, so don’t waste it by not appreciating the present moment.

Appreciation will help you notice simple joys in your daily life.  You will also more than likely engage in behaviours and habits that will open you up to receiving and creating a life that is set up for success.  It is within the sense of gratitude that will help you chose your own life and have a happier perception on it.  It’s the new medicine, with only positive side effects!

When appreciation is expressed it elevates your emotions and vibration that causes your heart and energy to expand with love and joy.  When your energy is high you will help improve your immune system, sleep and stress levels.  Below are some simple steps to incorporate gratitude into your daily practice

  • Watch your thoughts

Practice creating positive thoughts and a new way of thinking.  Re wire your brain to be trained to think of problems as opportunities to grow.  Release your limiting beliefs that continue to run in your head

  • Keep a gratitude journal

I’ve written extensively on this and you can find out more through my Guide to Intuitive Journal Writing Course.  However, spend each morning writing what you are grateful for.

  • Stop to thank others

When you thank others, truly mean it and tell them why you are grateful.

  • Meditate

Meditate to promote appreciation.  Get yourself so relaxed and attuned with what you are grateful for and allow that emotion to be the centre of your meditation. 

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This about sums me up: Reading is a guilty pleasure. Self awareness is a pleasant journey. Meditation is an obsession. Fitness is a necessity. Success is a constant motivator. Family is sacred. Learning is forever.

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