30 Day Confidence Challenge

30 Day Confidence Challenge

What is the 30 Day Confidence Challenge?

Obtain confidence to inspire, by building your presence and personal brand

Learn insights, techniques and habits to rewire your beliefs so that you can BOOST your self confidence.

This challenge allows you access to my popular soul alignment hypnosis audio to boost self esteem, as well as inspirational daily prompts to get you creating new and better habits.

In just 30 days you will reprogram, transform and upgrade your mindset so that you can disown any limiting beliefs, habits or fears

Once you have an improved self esteem – nothing can hold you back!

Regaining Your Self Esteem Could Be All You Need to Get The Life Of Your Dreams

Unlock Your Access To The 30 Day Challenge Today

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I know that perhaps you’re just launching into a new phase of your life and you’re starting to believe all that negative self talk going on in your head

Perhaps you’re so focused on everything that could go wrong, that you couldn’t possibly have time to think of what could go really well!

And these thoughts linger with you all day and even follow you to bed

The question then is: How will this 30 Day Challenge turn me into a powerful, unstoppable Queen???

Hypnosis is designed to induce a relaxed and suggestible state of mind.

So instead of feeding your mind rubbish negative self talk – we’re going to fill it with powerful new beliefs.

Along with that, you’ll begin to practice creating new habits so that it shifts your action from the old – to the brand spanking new

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When I decided to start using spiritual practices and soulful hypnosis every day

I began to create some major shifts in my life

Two weeks after my first hypnosis session I attracted enough finances to develop myself further and take back my power

As I began to up level my business I was now showing up with unstoppable self confidence

I had reset my old beliefs that were holding me back

And I was actually applying everything I learnt in the past few years to my business and I was starting to see it flourish

I was trusting myself again after having dealt with untrustworthy business associates beforehand

I began to collaborate with my dream mentors

I began to work with more and more clients

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Imagine being unstoppable and no longer doubting yourself

Imagine having fun as you create your dream life


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“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make.  It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you” – Robin Sharma We are always rushing to do one thing or another – rarely making time to pause, reflect and contemplate.  There’s chores to be done,…