There are so many challenges involved in one lifetime.  For the moment I want you to think about just Covid19 and how incredibly difficult it has been.  In just this moment, how did you react by thinking of that challenge?  Take some time to consider what emotions it conjured up.

The sheer volume of challenges in our life at any given moment is almost guaranteed.  Without challenges we cannot grow.  Essentially having challenges create resistance and by having resistance we are able to transform and grow to how we chose or desire. 

If life was completely easy and we received everything we ever wanted and things were always ‘good’, that would mean that there would be no opportunity for growth and learning.  No aspirations or inspiration as we would be in a constant state of contentment.

I know its sometimes hard to consider life’s trials with joy and viewing it as an opportunity of growth.  However, if you reminisce on your past life challenges eg.

  • Not getting that job you wanted,
  • Receiving criticism,
  • Losing money,
  • Making mistakes,
  • Not having enough money to pay the bills

The list is endless!  I’m sure you can choose one. 

Now think about how that challenge motivated you to get out of an undesirable situation, changed your perception on a topic or person, made you appreciative of the ‘good times’, helped you to transform or take one step closer towards your goals.

I know that what we’re all going through is uncomfortable and brings heaps of pressure, but just remember that for Soul growth and for you to achieve your greatest potential, you need to come out stronger from those challenges.  I often like to remind myself of the concept:  No challenge will come your way that you can’t handle.

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Below are some journal prompts I use to delve deeper into self enquiry.  Everyone’s answer varies and that is the beauty of it.  Allow whatever comes to you to flow onto paper and express how it makes you feel.  Release judgement.  Once you have completed writing to all questions, only then go back to read what has been written.

Do this practice each night.  You may find that the more your practice, the greater the connection to your inner-self.

  • What are you grateful for?
  • Where are you currently experiencing abundance in your life? (Family life, financial, career, health etc)
  • What have you done today to show someone love?
  • Did you focus on what really matters?  How?  If not, what can you do to change this?


Living in flow is the best way I can think of to create ease in my life right now.  I’ve had to shut the doors to my business due to Government restrictions to reduce the risk of Corona virus being spread.  It has thrown my whole life plans up in the air (once again) and I’m yet to see where it will all land.

Here’s what I’m focusing on.  Hope it helps those also affected, since I know I’m not alone in this.

I often begin my day with meditation, journaling and yoga.  All of this can take 1 hour in total if I’m in a rush.  On the weekends – I can take as long as I like and often meditate for much longer.  I get excited when I’m ‘living in flow’ because things seem to be easier, I feel more abundant, expanding and able to handle challenges that may come my way. 

My attention goes to the Universe rather than simply looking at myself as an individual – reminding myself that I am a particle of the whole.  Everyone’s life journey is unique, and I can only surrender to that sacred power and not compare myself to others and their situation.

I also have a daily affirmation or word that I tend to focus on during my meditation and also carry with me in my thoughts throughout the day.  Some of my recent affirmations or words have been:

  • I am joyful
  • I am powerful
  • I am focused on soul connection and soul study
  • I am passionate
  • I am courageous

I give thanks to everyone that has showed me the way of ‘living in flow’ as it’s something that I’ll be ever grateful.  To live in flow, you simply need to continuously check in with yourself and your soul to see whether what you’re doing feels right or in alignment with your soul.  More importantly, remember that the Universe rests within you and around you and rituals are things that we do to remind us of our goals and intentions. 

What do you do to live in flow during these challenging times?


In many ways, we all have challenges in life and have to make defining choices.  Society often thinks that we should have a polished life plan and make daily decisions and actions to achieve our goals.  Typically though, the average person is unable to constantly work towards their goals and will often lose connection with their ‘winning formula’ as life often has a way of throwing us off course.

Decisions at times seem to be a win/lose scenario rather than win/win.  However, for a person who has a bit of humour and soul connection, we see that we are simply human, we have faults and are here to have a human experience and that human experience is mixed with having a winning formula, achievements, attention from those we want as well as challenges, pitfalls and failures.  For those who are always chasing after success, this can seem contrary to their needs, wants and beliefs.  Even for your family members, partners, friends, colleagues – knowing what you’re doing next in life is quite important.  The reality though, is that majority of us are clueless about our next step in life and that’s absolutely okay!  Because there’s nothing more magical than experiencing the unknown.  Something greater than what our mind could have ever imagined.

I mean seriously – if you all take a moment to look back to 10 years ago – would your mind have been able to imagine what you were capable of achieving and completing?!

A series of unknown events will always occur in life, no matter whether you know where you’re going or not.  Life has a way of throwing everything all up in the air, ruining all of your precisely laid out plans and forcing us down a different path.

This has happened to me quite often in the past few years, and I’ve been grateful for those challenges when looking at things in retrospect.  When the mind starts to rationalise that “I’ve worked so hard for this”, “I’ve invested so much money”, “What will people think!”, I know that my soul is in the background being absolutely chill and excited about the new adventure.  The thing is, when you start ‘devolving’ from these ‘path changers’ that the Universe throws you, that’s when things can go off track.  Instead, I chose to lean into the chaos and see where the Universe leads you.

So many people have lost their authenticity, by trying to force a path that no longer exists.  Listen to where your soul is leading you, even though it goes against your rational mind’s intentions.  See where you end up!


The human body is all linked with everything on the Earth, with everything we can see and cannot see.  When we go against our Soul’s desires it knocks us off balance and moves us to live in the physical world without regarding our internal world.  When this happens all too frequently, our soul essence begins to weaken along with the one-ness with the Universe.

A lot of us live our lives without considering our Soul.   Think about your day for a moment.  When did you stop to connect with your Soul?  Maybe you had to make a decision at work.  Perhaps you were busy, just being busy.  Afterwards, you finish your day without once connecting with the Divine. Sound familiar?

What you may not realise, is that we are all Soul beings – every single person on this planet.  Our souls all merge to the one cosmic universal energy that contains everything in existence.  When you’re in deep connection with your soul and see everyone else’s soul, it helps increase your expanded self awareness. Throughout my life journey I’ve found that by devoting more time, energy and thoughts to my internal world and sacredness it has helped me evolve into the better version of myself.  It has ramped up my connection with my inner self and helped me to channel the universe – even if it’s for a few moments throughout the day.  People who live in this awareness have had an awakening and feel more connected with others and also see themselves reflected in others.

As you can imagine, God is everywhere and even just taking daily small moments to meditate, sense your soul and other people’s soul allows your body to realign back into peace and harmony.  The regular practice of meditation can help connect with your inner self and help you maintain this deeper understanding.  I challenge you to meditate every day for the next 21 days and connect with the Universal One-ness.


In October last year, I had distance Reiki done.  Normally, Reiki is done one on one, however if your Reiki practitioner has been trained, they can also do distance Reiki.  What makes distance reiki so interesting is that the practitioner is able to send healing energy across time and space – which is pretty cool!

Take a moment to really think about that.

In 2018, I had one on one reiki after reading up about it and wanting to experience it for myself.  Mostly, I just felt relaxed (as you do, when lying down) – so I wasn’t really convinced about the whole ‘energy healing’ thing.

However, I thought I’d give it another go by another practitioner (Rebecca) and this time I did distant reiki and the results were very different.

Reiki is one of those practices that appear to be very ‘woo woo’, and doesn’t work the same way as a massage or any other treatments – this works directly with the energy of your body since realistically we’re all energy matter and part of a larger whole.  The practitioner directs reiki energy to a person by directing their thoughts and energy.  By setting up a time, it means that the recipient is also open to receiving the energy. 

For my session I could actually feel the energy ascending up my energy chakras, by way of heat and just a weird feeling.  I also felt like I was floating (I wasn’t though – obviously….)

There was also a direct feeling to relaxation, feeling at peace, happiness and empowered.

I think the reiki principles are very similar to prayer.  For example, if you’re praying for someone or something you tend to direct your thoughts and energy to that source to create a safety net, send a feeling of gratitude or perhaps even send yourself some forgiveness.  From the experience new emotions and feelings rise to the surface and alter your being.  By tapping into your energy and having energy clearing sessions it can help enhance your life. Have you done Reiki?  What was your experience like?


There are a multitude of reasons for going to a salt cave but the biggest reason for me was to bring a deeper connection between myself and mother earth whilst being in a silent surrounding.  Studies have shown that salt therapy also helps with:

  • Ear Infections
  • Hay Fever
  • Eczema
  • Stress
  • Snoring
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Sinusitis
  • Bronchitis

Last year I attended a guided meditation run by Anna Mason at the Salt Sanctuary and found it to be extremely grounding.  The room was filled with energy.  The room is salt from the flooring to the walls.  Once we were settled in, we began our guided meditation journey.  I always find that when meditating in a group it’s easier to increase your energy levels and connect with the Divine.  The results are astounding since being in the room allows your breathing to improve and become easier.  After the meditation we were then given some time to do our free form journal writing and writing whatever insights came through our intuition.  Also side note – we’re doing all of this from comfy as chairs that have a slight recline so you can really relax. 

We then did some eye gazing where I had quite a weird experience.  It wasn’t my first time doing eye gazing (where you sit and look at another person intently so that you are both looking into each other’s souls).  As I was looking into my buddy’s eyes the room became black and literally all I could see were her eyes.  I couldn’t blink the blackness away – it just remained.  After minutes of this weirdness – the blackness began to dissipate and I then saw my buddy’s face change into an old woman’s face who had a gentle smile and was just staring back at me.  I didn’t tell my buddy anything after the eye gazing because I didn’t want to be a weirdo – but I did tell Anna after the session and she said in such a casual way “oh yeah – that was most likely one of her past lives coming through”.  My response was utter shock.  One of the other ladies overheard me asking the question and she also mentioned that it has happened to her a few times (as she had been a regular to these salt cave meditations).

Interestingly enough – I went to that meditation session with no expectations and yet walked away with a great experience!

Mind you – I went home straight away and tried to do eye gazing with my husband for ages to see if anything cool would happen – but nothing did #sadface

So when these moments happen, just let it flow, release expectations and know that there is no need to chase these ‘mystical’ events.  It simply just ‘is’.


 “Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World” by Cal Newport allows us to understand how deep, uninterrupted focused work is extremely valuable.  This book is a great reminder of how a distracted mind can lead to nowhere.  Once you start reading this book, it will make you want to put your phone away more and more.

This informative read features real life examples of people who have become influential by controlling their ‘digital time’ and transforming their lives by thriving and being more valued.  It takes you on a great journey from average to great, so that you’re able to achieve person success and fulfillment.  It inspires us to be able to work alongside super intelligent machines, without being sucked into meaningless, time wasting scrolling and searching.  It makes us face the reality that when looking for a job or wanting to progress in a certain arena, we need to be the best as employers and consumers now have access to a global plethora of options, people and talent.  So make sure you focus on what you want to accomplish and become a leader and visionary in your niche.  It shares proven success stories of ‘rock stars’ in niche sectors.

Deep work wants its readers to ‘work deeply’ by living their life’s purpose and focusing on one thing at a time and bypassing unnecessary distractions.  You can apply these ideas by optimising your efficiency, having total focus and uninterrupted work flow.  One of the suggestions is to focus for 90 minutes on one task and then have a break before doing another 90 minute uninterrupted work session. 

It unveils our current reality of office work areas that are distracting with open space offices and supervisors that place an emphasis on replying to multiple shallow emails. 

We all need systems in place to be able to concentrate and just turning away from superficial things is not as easy as it seems.  It reveals how people’s desires often give way to will power, eg. Eating, sleeping, sex, listening to music, surfing the web or watching tv.  We are often bombarded to do anything and everything except deeply focus on our work, projects or passions.

One of the rules suggests that you take the lead and quit social media.  This will be an opportunity to unplug and adjust to a ‘disconnected’ life even for a period of time eg. 1 month and understand that all network tools demand your time.  By switching off you will gain personal wisdom and empower your great authentic self.  Don’t accept your current distracted state.  Also, after you complete an ‘unplugged period’ accept that networking tools aren’t ‘evil’ but you need to have a threshold as to how long you spend on these tools and apps. 

Find entertainment that doesn’t involve internet connectedness:

  • Read
    • Do some journaling
    • Interact with your friends (in real life)
    • Meditate
    • Do some exercise
    • Hold a party!
    • Take some time out to relax at a beach or day spa
    • Make something with your hands
    • Play with your kids or pets

Don’t be mindlessly distracted again.


In today’s blog post I want to talk about working as a collective and I want to focus on a particular event I went to called ‘Together We Rise’.  We know that change requires action, courage, energy and effort, but having a whole community behind you makes change a lot easier!

Before I go into this further, I will let you know the basis of the event and how it came about.  A woman – Mandy Maree –  on her soul journey attended a retreat called ‘Embodiment’ and there she came to the realisation that she wanted to raise $20k to help build a library in Tanzania.  Her mentors Abergale and Jared said that they were going to help make that a reality, and they did!  They put their individual goals aside and collaborated with other leaders on the Gold Coast to create an event where people could come and connect on a social as well as soul level.  They weren’t prepared on how much support they would receive from the community and was overwhelmed with how everyone came together.

The day was filled with soul centred activities such as a Cacao Ceremony, eye gazing, African dancing, massive raffle giveaways (some as big as $6k worth!) and intense love with over 150 people.  It’s a day I will always remember.  The energy in the room was something I’ve never experienced before.  At one stage I was close to fainting!  Not sure why – but I’m going to say it was a ‘love overload’ 😉

Mandy managed to hit her $20k goal and went to Africa to build a library for kids there!  It was so amazing to be so closely connected to this charity fundraiser and knowing that I had made a difference and also knowing where our money went.  We received updates on the library progression, the kids of the school sent a big thank you video to us and the teachers expressed how grateful they were. 

By starting with a simple wish and a simple dream, she managed to make it a reality by the support and help of a soul centred community.  Think about what would happen if we had an even bigger goal and an even bigger community to help us create it. 

The same event (but on steroids) is happening in April.  It’s called ‘Together We Rise 2.0’.  Maybe you want to create a contribution or perhaps collaborate with these awesome human beings.  In April we’re servicing and raising funds for Australia and the millions of acres affected by fires.  What’s the goal?

  • 1000 people coming together on the Gold Coast
  • Raising $100 000 to contribute

Well, some may say that’s a massive goal.  For us, it’s totally do-able!  Start saving guys, because if you want to be part of saving mama earth and the lungs of this planet AND have fun whilst doing it – then you need to be at this event.  Fly in if you’re from overseas.  Drive up or down if you’re interstate.  You need to be at this event and be part of this amazing community to create something special.

Here is where your contribution comes into play.  Who is in this with me?!


I’m sure all of us have danced with free expression and absolutely no care in the world at some point during our childhood.  Feeling pure joy, freedom and self-confidence.  Knowing that there was no way you could do anything ‘wrong’, but simply ‘be’.  At that moment, there was a soul connection and soul was coming to the forefront our lives.

This my friends, is ‘Intuitive Dancing’.  I was lucky enough to experience an intuitive dancing class with Life Coach Joanne.  Here is why I did it and why I will invest in doing more of this:

  • To change my inner world with my body just by feeling better and diminishing any feelings of awkwardness or lack of confidence
  • Using my body to express myself and certain feelings to raise my vibrations
  • To cut through any emotions such as anger (It’s great dancing to anger!  Forget the punching bag – just dance!)
  • Profound connection with self, followed by a peacefulness and ‘knowing’
  • Creating an environment where it’s okay to express yourself without judgement
  • Conditioning the mind to lean into higher vibrational emotions and deeply connect with that emotion

If you want to connect your mind, body and soul – then this is a must!  Having never done this before, Joanne really eased us into tapping into our emotions, showing us a variety of ways to express it (without feeling like weirdos) and also creating a routine that was very flexible in how we could portray certain movements and freely express ourselves.

Being able to feel emotions and see it come out in dance is also a very beautiful thing.  Just accepting what flows, believing in yourself and surrendering your body to your soul’s expression.  This process helped calm me and give me further clarity – which is kind of weird in itself – but it did!  And the moment you start feeling better and things become more clear, more good things are able to flow to you and also allows you to create, speak and act from a place of love and peacefulness – which is always a win right?!

Let me put it simply, dancing = soul connection

Change your state of being and tap into that soul energy – think, feel and act in the present moment – expect the unexpected and something new and unique to flow through you.  Try it out!

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