One On One: Soul Alignment Sessions

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Question for you…

What if you really could become more successful by discovering your emotional and energetic blocks?

Just like we all need a massage or facial every few months, we also need to work on aligning our emotional and energetic body.

Releasing your emotional blocks can help you to develop & define your legacy, so that you can fill your days with peacefulness and clarity!

Book a Discovery Call with me today and see how a Soul Alignment Session can personally help you become more connected and attuned to your intuition and soul, without having to completely disconnect from the world or completely give up your lifestyle

Are you at a stage in your life where…

You have achieved a lot of worldly goals in life

You have built a solid career, travelled the world and made great connections with people

And now you’re wanting to do a deep dive into your own soul so that you can accelerate the discovery of your own inner truth and release yourself from low self worth and any emotions that need to be release so that the soul-centred you can be reawakened and reignited


I invite you to schedule a Discovery Call with me to see if a Soul Alignment Session is for you

Here’s what’s on offer:

  • 30 Minute Discovery call to discover the One Main Issue
  • 1:1 Soul Alignment Session (1.5 – 2 hrs per session via Zoom), so that you have guidance to begin to trust yourself and your intuition
  • Access to a personalised transformational hypnosis audio so the positive feedback will continue after your sessions
  • 2 Follow Up calls as you continue on your soul journey
  • Access to unlimited email support

A Soul Alignment Session is for you if you want a personalised approach to ground yourself and overcome your emotional blocks so that you can live your life courageously aligned to your soul journey

Schedule a no-obligation Discovery Call with me and find out if a Soul Alignment Session is for you

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Payment Plans Are Available

(Applications Close Forever on 31JUL21)

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Having clear and aligned energy centers allows you to feel safe and supported to manifest the life of your dreams

Your emotional mind always speaks more loudly than the logical mind, and this can have direct affects to your physical and mental wellbeing

And yet so many of us continue to run that rat race, without stopping to pause and nourish our number one asset – Our Energy

Here’s the problem…

You know all the practical steps you need to be successful in your career

You’ve met everyone else’s expectations

And Now You’ve starting to explore how to get back to your ‘old self’


Something is holding you back from completely surrendering to the process

You have this tight feeling around your heart space

You’re overloaded with tasks and ‘things to do’ that you keep putting yourself to the bottom of the list

You know you need to do something about this nagging feeling

And yet…

It’s now been years and you still haven’t done anything about it…

And now it’s getting out of control…

No more wasting time

In just 2 hours, You Will…

  • Discover your major emotional and energetic block
  • Craft your new mental loop messages for positive maximum impact
  • Experience Rapid Transformational Techniques such as meditation, visualisation, regression, hypnosis and mindset rewiring tools
  • Master your subconscious mind
  • Walk confidently towards your future

Can you imagine…

Having no worries about the future, because you now trust the process of life

Feeling like you have your mojo back

Waking up pumped to start the day and excited about what opportunities will arise

Improving your productivity with ease and flow (minus the stress!)

Truly feeling and knowing that life is great

Looking forward to the month, year and life that you’re creating

This and more can be yours to have

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What would happen if you cleared your emotional and energetic blocks?

  • You would feel confident to share your offer with the world
  • You would feed good about yourself, and your new habits
  • You would live your incredible dream life, rather than just watching others live theirs
  • You would feel successful inside and out
  • You would confidently move towards your goals
  • You would feel guilt free when investing in yourself because you know that you can back yourself and implement what is required

Here’s what my clients have said about Soul Alignment Sessions

‘Suzie’s course of hypnotherapy has been the most effective method for helping construct inner stability, which has increased my ability to concentrate’

Adrian S

‘My online experience with Transformative Therapist Suzanne was both private and personal, in the comfort of my own space and time’

Linda K

‘My experience with Suzanne was amazing! She is professional, patient and calming. The journey was certainly eye-opening’

Lauren C

What makes a Soul Alignment Session different to other offers?

Soul Alignment Sessions are tailored to every individual so that they can banish their limiting beliefs, fears and habits and begin to implement new beliefs to achieve their goals succesfully.

The end result: A stronger connection to you inner self, unstoppable self esteem to make big bold moves so that the plans in your mind start to eventuate

This offering is perfect for you if…

  • You’ve read the self-help books, but you’re still unable to break bad habits
  • You have set new resolutions each year, but they somehow end up at the bottom of your ‘to-do’ list
  • You are ready to stop fluffing about and create real change
  • You want help to overcome fears and phobias


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