Money Mindset Mentorship

Law of attraction

Question for you…

What if you really could become more successful and more open to receiving from the Universe?

Releasing your money blocks can help you to develop & grow your business, so that you can fill your calendar with amazing clients!

Book a Discovery Call with me today and see how the amazing RTT technique can personally help you become more successful without having to learn more hustle techniques

Are you at a stage of your business where…

You have all the skills required

You have signed up for all the relevant courses and read all the inspirational books

And now you’re wanting to do a deep dive into your own money blocks so that you can accelerate your business to the next level


I invite you to schedule a Discovery Call with me to see if the 3 Month ‘Money Mindset Mentorship’ offering is for you

Here’s what’s on offer:

  • 3 1:1 RTT Sessions (1.5 – 2 hrs per session via Zoom), so that you have guidance to get your business successful quickly and easily
  • Access to 3 personalised transformational audios so the positive feedback will continue after your sessions
  • 2 additional exclusive audios to unlock your freedom
  • 6 Follow Up calls to keep you accountable
  • Access to unlimited email support through the 3 months
Full Payment
  • Save $195
Payment Plan
  • 3 monthly payments

Money Mindset Mentorship is for you if you want a personalised approach to overcome your money blocks without having to learn more hustle techniques

Schedule a no-obligation Discovery Call with me and find out if ‘Money Mindset Mentorship’ is for you

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Having a healthy Money Mindset allows you to manifest the life of your dreams

Your relationship to money speaks directly to your own self worth and self esteem, it is that simple.

And yet so many of us continue to hold onto the same limiting beliefs that we’ve created, sometimes as far back as childhood

Here’s the problem…

You know all the practical steps you need to be doing to generate money.

You’ve done all of the course

You’ve read all of the books


You’re seeing others who did the same course as you…

Get the Clients

Launch their Offerings

And show up for their Audience

And yet…

Nothing has changed for you…

And you’re wondering…


You’re always second guessing yourself and saying things like…

  • “I don’t know enough to launch my business”
  • “I’m not smart enough/pretty enough/business-minded enough to take my business to the next level”
  • “Who am I to think I can earn that much?!”
  • “I don’t have what it takes to get started”

But Can you imagine…

Having a healthy relationship with money

That when you think about money, you feel joy – rather than that dreaded feeling in your gut

That you commit to implementing your strategies 110% of the time, rather than for just a few weeks or days

That you start getting attracting your dream clients who sees your worth

Running your business so that it’s aligned with your Soul values

Having others cheer you on as you promote your business and what you do

This and more can be yours to have

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What would happen if you cleared your money blocks?

  • You would feel confident to share your offer with the world
  • You would feed good about yourself, no matter how much is in your bank account
  • You would live your incredible dream life, rather than just watching others live theirs
  • You would tell people about what you do and how you can help them with confidence
  • You would apply everything you have learnt to achieve your goals consistently
  • You would feel guilt free when investing in yourself because you know that you can back yourself and implement what is required

1st Month

Attract a wealthier life

This is when you get to be courageous! You will have your first RTT session where we will use hypnosis to change the meaning attached to past events. Feel liberated to attract a wealthier life!

2nd Month

Spread your influence

Rewire your brain in your second RTT session, so that you no longer settle for less when you know there is more to you. Here we reclaim your voice and find the answers to allow you to step into your power. I will guide you every step of the way so that you see your full self worth

3rd Month

Focus on your goals

The only difference between those who gain success and those still on their way, is that the successful maintain focused on their goals. They dare to dream big, because they know they can back themselves and carry out what needs to be done. This last month you will have your last RTT session to reconnect with the confidence you were born with so that you remain focused on creating a life that is aligned with your dreams

Here’s what my clients have said about RTT

‘Suzie’s course of hypnotherapy has been the most effective method for helping construct inner stability, which has increased my ability to concentrate’

Adrian S

‘My online hypnotherapy experience with Transformative Therapist Suzanne was both private and personal, in the comfort of my own space and time’

Linda K

‘My experience with Suzanne was amazing! She is professional, patient and calming. The journey was certainly eye-opening’

Lauren C

What makes Money Mindset Mentorship different to other offers?

Money Mindset Mentorship is a 3 month offer that is tailored to every individual so that they can banish their limiting beliefs, fears and habits and begin to implement new beliefs to achieve their goals.

The end result: More joy and security when it comes to money, your self esteem and creating your dream life

This offering is perfect for you if…

  • You have a small business and you know all the strategies you need to implement, but there is still something holding you back
  • You have attempted to achieve your financials goals, but you haven’t been able to achieve any of them
  • You are ready to know what limiting beliefs, fears and habits that have been holding you back