Money Mindset Mentorship

***Coming soon – 2021***

For Those Who Want To Take The Easiest Path To Uncover Limiting Beliefs Around Money That Have Held You Back

Experience Rapid Transformation Therapy, along with Suzanne’s teachings.

This is a 3 month 1:1 mentorship totally focused on changing habits to create a more abundant life.

You don’t need money to be happy or joyful, however most of us in this modern day society link having money to more freedom. So once you can align your beliefs and thoughts around money, it will allow you to have more freedom in your beliefs and what you chose to do from there

First Month:

Change Habits for a Wealthier Life

This is when you get to be courageous! You will have your first RTT (Rapid Transformation Therapy) Session where we will use hypnosis to change the meaning attached to past events so you can be liberated by them and begin to go against the norm.

Second Month:

Remove Lack of Self Esteem

You will not settle for less, when you know there’s more to you. Here we will reclaim your voice and find the answers to allow you to step into your power. I will guide you every step of the way to see your full self-worth

Third Month:

Improved Results Through Focus

After all, the only difference between those who gain success and those still on their way is that the successful maintain focused on their goals. They dare to dream big, because they know they can back themselves and carry out what needs to be done. You will reconnect with the confidence you were born with to align your life with your dreams

Discover How You Can Become Abundant From The Inside & Out

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