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2 Hour Soul Alignment Session

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Show me how to connect with my soul!

Soul Surrender Course

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A ‘Pick Me Up’:

30 Day Confidence Challenge

2 Hour Soul Alignment Session

Clear any emotional or energetic blocks on the ONE BIG ISSUE that you’ve been dragging around for years and been thinking about for way too many nights

Stressing about being able to speak your truth…or life in general?

Get my guidance so that you can start getting what you need out of life

Leave knowing and acting like the Queen you are after our private one-on-one zoom call

Does it sound like exactly what you need?

Book a free 30 minute Discovery Call with me to discuss your ‘one big issue’ around love, emotional pain, guilt or whatever it is – and after our full session – walk away with clarity and a feeling of weightlessness as the burden is removed

Included is a custom made visualisation meditation for you, plus two additional follow up calls so that you can give me an update on your progress or ask me any questions

Show Me How To Connect With My Soul!

Soul Surrender Online Course

  • A life makeover from the inside out
  • 14 weeks of video trainings and soul-aligned activities (Value $1900)
  • Express out to the world what is inside you
  • Learn how to speak your truth with ease
  • Be authentic and meaningful with your words and actions
  • Create a deep connection with your intuition
  • Tap into the power of your inner wisdom to live a divine life
  • Learn about your energy centers
  • Be supported through activities and prompts
  • By the end of the 14 weeks, be confident in knowing how to create your legacy
  • BONUS: X4 Online Zoom 1:1 Sessions with Suzanne (Value: $1200)
  • Pay in Full Discount
  • Payment Plans Available

Total Value:

$3290 AUD

Upfront Offer:

$1050 AUD

Or 4 Monthly Payments of:

$375 AUD

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Yes, I can help you too

I’ve helped people with a variety of issues from addictions, food issues, anxiety, relationship issues to anger management

Rating: 5 out of 5.

RTT is a powerful tool for change. Overnight I went from binge eating chocolate daily to an almost complete disinterest in chocolate and all sugary foods.
Suzanne has a calm and nurturing voice and is a beautiful kind soul. I can’t thank her enough for helping me with an addiction I’ve been struggling with for decades.
During the session confronting childhood memories came up and I was able to explore them without fear as Suzanne allowed me to feel safe and heard .
I can’t recommend Suzanne and RTT highly enough

Cassandra S

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Suzanne is lovely! I really appreciate how patient and informative she is, especially prior to the first session (which I was nervous about). I have nothing but gratitude for her

Michelle F

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Suzanne is truly amazing. She is so kind and has a relaxing voice. The whole experience was so eye opening and I’m still shocked about the stuff that came up.

Bethy Y

Want to have a 30 Day Focus?

Get started with your 30 Day Confidence Challenge

Step into your power and rewire your beliefs so that you can BOOST your self confidence

This challenge allows you access to my popular transformational audio to boost self esteem as well as daily prompts for 30 days so that you can start creating new and better habits

By the end of the course you will have reprogrammed, transformed and upgraded your mindset so that you can disown any limiting beliefs, habits or fears that are holding you back

money mindset mentor

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